Replacement Polytunnel Tubes

If you’re building a polytunnel structure from scratch or aiming to replace a rusted or unstable piece of tubing – you’re sure to find exactly what you need by clicking through to the First Tunnels website below. We stock a variety of different swage lengths and dimensions that are perfectly suited to both polytunnels and other projects. You can also choose a custom size.

Click through to the First Tunnels website to view a great range of polytunnels and polytunnel kits. The site is easy to navigate and displays a range of polytunnel sizes, so you can choose the perfect polytunnel for your outdoor space in no time at all.

If you’re looking for polytunnel parts and spares, look no further than the First Tunnels site. We stock a huge selection of spares and parts to make maintenance a breeze, and they can even be used on polytunnels manufactured by different companies.

With First Tunnels innovative calculator, you’ll be able to find out how much replacement polythene you need for your polytunnel in no time at all. Choose from a variety of sizes and thicknesses.

Fix damaged tubing or use to extend an existing polytunnel build. First Tunnels tubes can be designed to your specification through the website.

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Select a tube up to a length of 300cm, with a choice of different sizes and the flexibility to select plain, swaged or flattened tube ends for each ending. Competitively priced and built to last, the First Tunnels range of custom tubing is perfectly suited to any polytunnel construction project. Buy yours today, or get in touch with the First Tunnels team by calling 01282 601253.

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