Mini Polytunnel/Portable Plant Protector

The First Tunnels mini polytunnel (or portable plant protector) is a convenient, innovative solution for smaller growing spaces, or to protect a patch of delicate crops and plants. Assembly is easy when you know what to do, which is why we have put together the below step-by-step guide. Download it easily onto any device for detailed instructions and easy access to relevant videos. Feel free to get in touch with the construction team to ask any further questions.

In order to view and print a PDF document, you will need to download the free PDF viewer from the Adobe website. Most computers come with the free Adobe Reader ® software as standard.

They're called QR codes, and we're using them to give you easy access to our construction videos...

Using the latest QR code* technology we have updated all our construction guides to give you instant access to all our construction videos.


No typing, no searching for the right video, just a simple scan (1) of the code with your smart phone and you’ll be instantly connected to that construction video (2). Perfect for when you’re outdoors and could do with the reassurance of seeing what you’ve got to do next.