About Us

First Tunnels is a leading producer of top quality, highly durable Polytunnels. Available for domestic or commercial use, they're exceptional value for money and the perfect way to transform anything - from a corner of a garden to a sizeable piece of land - into a prime growing environment.

They're really easy to build. They're just as easy to maintain. And, once in place, they provide an ideal space for sowing earlier, harvesting later and hugely improving the growing potential of every square foot of soil.

Everything you need to know...on one site.

This website has been designed to make constructing a Polytunnel very, very easy.

We want your Polytunnel construction to be simple and stress free. So we've spent a lot of time refining our construction guides to make sure they make the process simple and intuitive. These construction guides are available for FREE. And if you still have a question, or would just like some friendly advice, our construction team are on hand to talk you through each step of the way.

You can also find out more about First Tunnels and what other gardeners are up to including leading polytunnel experts Mark Gatter and Andy McKee on our Facebook pages. There’s also lots of help and advice from our friendly online growing community.