Polytunnel Plastic Covers

First Tunnels Polytunnels UK provide polythene and polytunnels for sale. We have a number of UV stabilised Polytunnel polythene covers available, helping you to achieve the most suitable environment for your growing needs. If your Polytunnel plastic cover has passed its prime, or you are considering extending an existing polytunnel, it's easy to get your Polytunnel back in business with a brand new polythene covers from First Tunnels.

Nearly all our polytunnel covers have a five year guarantee against UV degradation and are arguably the thickest available in the UK, we stock 200micron (800 gauge) - 20% thicker than those available from our competitors. All First Tunnels plastic covers are cut to fit your Polytunnel with no waste and no cutting charge and in many circumstances, free delivery.

If you are unsure as to what size of Polytunnel cover you require, you can find an easy to use Polythene calculator on our First Tunnels website. Simply tap in 3 simple measurements and the "nifty" online calculator will work out exactly how much replacement polytunnel plastic is required. It's as easy as that! Watch the video to show how to measure your polytunnel for replacement polythene.


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